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More than 3500 years ago, the tattoo started as an expression of personality or individuals in a tribal community. The primitives were tattooed to mark the biological facts of life as birth,reproduction and death. Then, to report the facts of social life such as turning warrior or identify the prisoners.
In the modern era, the tattoo represented marginality. It again became a matterof relevance in today's society to be used by music artists, film and even on ordinary people. From being a symbol of marginality, but rather a form of individual expression of art and aesthetics ofthe body, the tattoo is not like the crudest of chains, but a thinner design traits and varied colors, a beautiful work of art .
The modern tattoos are applied using an electric tattoo machine withneedles that pierce the skin quickly with movement up and down, not unlike the motion of a sewing machine. Staining is done with imported pigments. These pigments have mainly mineral.
There are someprecautions to be taken: After the tattoo is made, it is necessary to make a dressing in place with an ointment. Protecting the tattooed area of ​​infection and lesions should also be covered with aplastic film. Besides dressing, cleaning the site is very important and should be done only with water or soap.
There are several types of tattoos:
Traditional: These are the sailor tattoos, the greatpopularizers of the tattoo world. Represented by traditional designs, such as an anchor or a seagull;
Sumi: Uses the oriental technique that uses bamboo instead of needle. The designs have a largenumber of details;
 Realistic: The designs mimic the real world. Represent women, birds and personalities; Stylized: Stylized drawings of various kinds;
Raised: It is widely used among the Indiansand Aborigines, of African origin. In making your skin is dissected to form designs with various colors;
Tribal: Generally drawings in black and with tribal motifs.
 Oriental: Generally full body...