Tarzan of the apes

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Good morning! I going to talk about the fictional character [KAR-ik-ter] Tarzan and his story.

Probably the first thing that came to mind of you were the animated version from Disney andbadly made films like "George King of the Forest." The subject matter is related, but I'll talk about the character that inspired them.
Born in 1912, the brainchild and inspiration of American writerEdgar Rice, "Tarzan" is perhaps the biggest myth of the twentieth century and the most enduring of modern popular culture reference, which arose from a dream and marketing techniques. Do not lie wouldconsider "Tarzan" the most fantastic hero of fiction of the last century, surpassing even other equally famous as “Tintin”, “Asterix”, “Ghost”, “Flash Gordon” for example.
"Tarzan" was able to extendits dominance to areas as diverse as literature, film, television, radio, comics, cartoons or video games.
It was in the October 1912 edition of the monthly magazine "The All-Story" which beganpublication a kind of modern fable entitled "Tarzan of the Apes" ("Tarzan of the Apes"). Given the success achieved by the narrative - which included the experiences by the son of an English lord(Greystoke) that is raised by gorillas and chimpanzees in the African jungle - both the reading public as the editor asked the writer was requested to add more episodes and stories prolonged for another time.The story of "Tarzan" begins when, following a shipwreck [SHIP-rek], the couple aristocratic Englishman, Lord Greystoke, wife and son can get to a beach, on the African coast. Your parents die andleave the little helpless orphan who is taken in and protected by "Kala," a big female gorilla that frees from certain death.
Years later, "Tarzan" meets a girl named "Jane", who becomes hisinseparable companion of many adventures the four corners of the planet, penetrating into fantastic worlds, for example, when they go down to the center of the Earth or visit mythical civilizations lost in...