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Updated for Pro/Mechanica 2001 (major changes)
Pro/MECHANICA STRUCTURE is a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool that allows one to solve for deflections and stresses in structural elements. The main objective of this tutorial is to familiarize a new user with Pro/MECHANICA STRUCTURE and to give a brief overview of its process. Many important concepts and taskswill be introduced through solving this hypothetical engineering problem.
You are a student interning for the summer at Boeing, the world's leading maker of commercial jet aircraft. Due to the recent merger between Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, Boeing has been inundated by a sharp increase in airliner orders. One of its clients, FedEx, has placed a major order for the 747 cargo aircraft. Yoursupervisor has assigned you the important task of redesigning the brackets for the storage shelves on the aircraft. The new brackets need to be lighter, stronger, and more durable. You have a limited time to accomplish your assignment. You decide to use Pro/MECHANICA STRUCTURE to help you redesign the bracket.

Major steps you will take through this tutorial are:
• Starting Pro/MechanicaStructures
• Create Geometry
o Creating Line Segments
o Finishing The Model
• Create Elements
• Add Properties, Loads, and Boundary Conditions
• Getting into the Analysis
o Starting the Analysis
• Review the Results of the Analysis

Starting Pro/Mechanica Structures

Structures can be started in either Independent Mode or IntegratedMode.
• Independent Mode
In this mode the geometry is entered point by point within the structures module. The Independent mode is used in this tutorial. To Start the Independent Mode in the UCSD ACS Computer Labs with Structures (EBUII- 203 and 239). Select from the Start Menu:
Start => Programs => ProMECHANICA => Structure
• Integrated Mode
In this mode3D geometry created in ProE can be directly imported into the Structures analysis package. Please note the menus and dialog boxes for the integrated mode will be different than those shown for this tutorial. To Start the Independent Mode in the UCSD ACS Computer Labs with Structures (EBUII- 203 and 239):
Start => Programs => ProMECHANICA Foundation => promech2001
At leastone part must be created. Then Mechanica can be started form the Applications menu
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Creating Geometry


Creating Line Segments

In this section of the exercise, you will start Pro/MECHANICA and create the line segments for your model.

 Create the First Line Segment

The first step in creating the geometry for your model is to create the line segments.1. Select Geometry – Curve – Line -Two Points
This command places a line segment between two specified points. The first segment you will create will be the segment between points A and B.
2. Enter 0, 0 (point A) to define the start point of the line segment.
Note: Spaces or commas work equally well as coordinate separators.
3. Enter 0, 5 when prompted for the line endlocation (point B).
4. Press the middle mouse button or the Return key to complete the command.
Note: Pressing the middle mouse button is equivalent to pressing the return key. The phrase "press return" refers to both actions. Note that Pro/MECHANICA then returns to the COMMAND prompt in the command area at the top of your screen. This prompt signals that Pro/MECHANICA is waitingfor input.

Fit the View

As you can see, the line segment extends past your current view. So, you need to change your view.
1 . Select the View Tool button (in the upper right corner of your screen). The View data form (window) appears.
2. Select the Fit button on the View data form to fit the geometry to the screen.
3. Select Done on the View data form to close the form....