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Frequently Asked Questions
Workout Questions
Q: How much weight do I use for my exercises?
A: You should use a weight heavy enough for you to be able to finish the # of reps on your first 2 sets.
For ex: if the workout says do 4 sets of 10 but you can only get 8 reps by the 3rd set.  Your doing fine.  Do not lower the weight.
For ex:  if the workout says do 4 sets of 10 but you canonly get 8 on the first set, Lower the weight.
For ex:  if the workout says do 4 sets of 10 but you can do 14 reps on your first set, increase the weight.
Make sure you finish your sets with a little bit of difficulty as you don’t want to cheat yourself by making the weight too light.  Remember, light weight doesn’t build more muscle, it only builds endurance so if you lift, you have to liftheavy enough so you can make your muscles stronger.  Just keep in mind that form has to  come first before heavy weight.  If you can’t lift with good form, drop your weight down bc you must avoid injuries at all cost.
Q: How much rest time do I take,  also can I modify it making it longer or shorter?
A: I recommend not going longer than 90 seconds for rest, but you can shorten it if you would liketo.
Q: What should I do If I can’t do the amount of reps or sets instructed in workout?
A: Here are a few things that will help:
- Lower the weight and keep the repetition the same so you wont get fatigue as fast bc your not pushing your to the limits with every set.
- Increase your rest time by 30 sec up to 1 min b/t sets so you can catch your breath and give your muscles a longer break.
-Complete only part of the workout today and finish the rest tomorrow to slowly let your body get use to the intensity.
Q: I am feeling body pain, what should I do?
A: If you are feeling very sore and drained you should not work out that body part until the pain subtle. However, mild soreness is normal and you should still work out with that. If you are feeling sore in one body part, you canstill work another (ex — if your legs are sore, work your chest)
Q: I have a medical/ physical problem, how do I modify the program?
A: I have a few clients in a very similar situation who have gotten in killer shape without re-injuring themselves. You can modify the program by using the exercising substitution print out located on the bottom of the home page.
Here are some general rules andtips you can follow.  You can always email me at
- Don’t do any force reps or sets till failure.  Finish your last rep with good form and control.
- If you find pain or difficulty performing an exercise due to your condition, try to substitute it in the Substitution Print Out or make it up by doing more sets of the exercise (on that same body part) that you can performcomfortably.
- Slow down the repetitions and use strict form.  Fast reps, or loose form are the most common causes for injuries.
- Increase the rest times b/t your sets to lower the intensity and make the workout day easier.
- Lessen the amount of sets you perform to lower the intensity of the workout.
If you are unsure on what is recommend for your condition, you should consult your physicianfirst before starting the program.
Q: I can’t do some of the exercises in the program, how do I work around that?
A: It is ok if you can’t finish the whole workout day or your really fatigue after your done.  Your body just isn’t use to it yet and that is a good thing.  Bc that is the key to getting you results.  If you could do the whole workout program without much difficulty ,then your bodyis not being challenged and will not be forced to build more muscle and burn the fat.  The longer your in the program, you will find the workouts easier to finish and your body will have a increase in muscle and decrease in fat as a result from your body adapting to the new workout program. If you have pains or feel you might get injured, try substituting some of the exercises in the Exercise...
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