Simple past tense

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* Complete the sentences with the Simple Past of the verbs in brackets.


I ___________ [watch] TV last night.
I watched TV last night.

I _____________ [notwatch] TV last night.
I didn’t watch TV last night.

1. On Saturday I did play [play] computer games with my cousins.
2. My mum didn’t cook [not cook] dinner last night.
3. I did walk [walk]to school because there weren´t any buses.
4. They didn’t dance [not dance] at the party.
5. My brother did travel [travel] to Ireland last summer.

* Write the past simple of these verbs.1. copy copied
2. revise revised
3. cycle cycled
4. listen listenned

5. practice practiced
6. play played
7. like liked
8. move moved

* Write the questions in the correctorder.


Night? / meet / Did / you / them / last / → Did you meet them last night?

a) film? / like / you / Did / the /
Did you like the film?
b) a / have / time? / they / Did /good /
Did they have a good time?
c) party / on / your / go / Saturday? / he / Did / to /

Did he to go on your party Saturday?
d) did / yesterday? / Who / you / see /-------------------------------------------------
Who did you see yesterday?

* Are these verbs regular or irregular?

1. fly Irregular
2. use Regular
3. study Regular
4. eat Irregular
5. make Irregular Regular
7. see Irregular

* Complete the text with the Simple Past of the following verbs. Put the verbs in the right context.

be – get up – meet – have – go – run – drink – sleep –swim – eat |

Yesterday I did get up early, at about seven o´clock. I did have a shower and some fruit for breakfast.

Then I did go to the sports centre. I did swim 500 meters in the swimmingpool and then I did run 5 kilometers.
At lunchtime I did meet my friends in a café. We did eat some pasta and did drink some juice.
After lunch I did sleep for a few hours, I did be tired!...
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