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Solution Manager

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Session Summary
SAP Solution Manager supports the Customer and the Implementation Partner throughout the entire life-cycle of the solutions, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration and Go-Live stages. It provides central access to tools, methods and preconfigured contents which can be used during evaluation,implementation and operational processing of the SAP systems.

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What I will cover…
  Introduction and Expectation
  What is Solution Manager?
  ASAP Methodology
  Evolution of Solution Manager
  System Landscape

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What I will cover…
  Service Desk
  Benefits of Solution Manager
  Session Takeaways
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What is Solution Manager?
o  Solution Manager is a natural extension of Accelerated SAP and

ValueSAP methodology
o  SAP Solution Manager is a separate system providing both

Implementation and Operational toolso  Solution Manager provides tools, content, procedures, and

services to implement and operate your SAP solution
o  Solution Manager enables process-oriented design, configuration,

testing, and on-going system monitoring during operations, regardless of the complexity of the system landscape

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What is Solution Manager?

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ASAP Methodology
1.  Project Preparation
o  Project planning, Kick-off, Technical requirements planning and

quality check

2. Business Blueprint
o  Set up Development Environment, Business Organization

Structure, Business Process definition, User roles & authorization, quality check

3. Realization
o  Project planning, Kick-off, Technicalrequirements planning and

quality check

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ASAP Methodology
4. Final Preparation
o  End User Training, System tests, Cutover, Quality Check

5. Go-Live and Support
o  Go-Live and Support during the Warranty period

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Evolution of Solution Manager
ASAP methodology (1996)
o  Offline CD set oftools, content and a methodology for

component-based implementation projects. The CD-ROM contained the first implementation Roadmap and associated tools

ValueSAP (1999)
o  Offline CD set with tools, content and methodologies for

evaluation, implementation and continuous business improvement. The CD-ROM contained advanced tools such as the QADB, BPML etc to cover the implementation phaseo  ASAP CD set is used as a tool platform. ASAP content is included

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Evolution of Solution Manager
SAP Solution Manager (200X)
o  Online Platform (SAP WebAS based) to support key

implementation activities including any key ASAP concepts and tool features

o  Enhanced concepts due to new challenges of SAP implementation o  Integratedplatform to support Implementation and Operation of

SAP solutions

With the advent of Solution Manager, SAP has moved the ASAP methodology tools into an integrated systems which can help manage SAP solutions from implementation to Operations and Continuous improvement.
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Evolution of Solution Manager
SAP’s Solution Manager Strategy
o  Thelatest version of SM is 7.0. SAP SM 4.0 officially got renamed

to 7.0 as of May 1, 2008. The reason is to align SAP NetWeaver and SM having the same release number.

o  As SAP SM is a matured product which provides sufficient

standard out of the box application management functionality for SAP solutions to Customers, SAP has moved away from ‘annual’ releases of new versions. Packages and...