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I’m oral presentation is about Rihanna, who is my favorite singer has you all know. Rihanna is middle and job’s name, her full name Robyn Rihanna Fenty and her symbol is the “R”.And she was born today in 1988. Rihanna is a writer, a composer, a dancer, a model, fashion designer and an actress.
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She was born in the island Barbados, in little town called SaintMichael. This is the official flag from Barbados.
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This is Rihanna when she was just a little girl, she was 8 years old in the picture, this is the house where she lived with her family and,has you can see, she was a little poor.
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This is her family. Here is her mother (Monica Fenty), her father (Ronald Fenty), her middle brother (Rorrey Fenty) and her little brother (RajadFenty). When she was 14 her parents got divorced because her father was a junky.
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In this picture you can see Rihanna with Chris Brown. In February eight (8) in two thousand nine (2009)he attacked Rihanna violently with kicks, punches and bites. He wasn’t arrested but his punishment was five years of liberal parole, he has a tattoo of Rihanna’s face after the beating on her neck.It’s not sure but probably they are dating again.
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Rihanna has seven album’s, they are called (aqui dizes os nomes dos albums e as datas). The Loud was the most sold from all the albums,with three and a half million copies. Pon de Replay was her first song. Umbrella and We found love are the most popular songs, but it was Umbrella that made Rihanna go to the top.
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Shemade three fragrances. The first one is Reb’l fleur, next is Rebelle and finally is Nude. This year she is going to launch a fragrance for man and a line of lipsticks.
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In two thousand andtwelve (2012) on the fourteen of August premiered her Britannic show Styled to Rock. She was the executive producer, the presenter and the jury.
The show was a competition where the competitors...
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