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Blood Diamonds

The book tells the story with suspense from start to finish. Harley Kirkpatrick and Annie Shepherd working at the Daily Post. The two are investigating the case of the famous "blooddiamonds," diamonds that earned that name for use in exchange for weapons. Journalists live many difficult situations in the investigation, the two investigating Ekik Van Delft for them is one of thesellers of these diamonds in the course of research Kirkpatrick was attacked by Van Delft, the criminal threatened Kirkpatrick said he never wanted to see him. But journalists do not give up, andknow a jeweler named Sophie Landon, who help to approach the criminal. In the end, Van Delft is unmasked and journalists make a great story for the front page of the Daily Post.
The relationship betweenBrazil and mining is a very old case comes in since the days of the colony. Today this work is responsible for three to five percent of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto). A masterpiece of mining iscommonly used by steel mills, steel, fertilizers, petrochemicals.
In 2000 the PIB reached 8.5%, managing to move approximately 50.5 billion in Brazil.
We stand out in the production of asbestos, bauxite,copper, chromium, iron, graphite, manganese, nickel, gold, potash, zinc. Nationally iron is the most important for the country, with very important companies such as Cia. Vale do Rio Doce; MineraçõesBrasileiras Reunidas S.A.; M Ferteco Mineração S.A.; Samarco Mineração S.A.; Cia Siderúrgica Nacional; e Itaminas Comércio de Minérios S.A.
Today mining presents a major concern for the world, sincethis activity causes an environmental impact, since changes occur in the landscape to water contamination by metals such as mercury. Mining can affect too air quality and soil, destroying plant andanimal species and cause noise pollution.
Realizes the importance of mining to a country. Contraband certainly still exists, but only brings prejudice and should be banned. Mining also causes...
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