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Internal Pull Systems
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Concept / Purpose:

There are two basic types of internal pull systems.Withdrawal Pull authorizes the movement of material from storage to the point-of-use. It provides clear instruction as to the point-of-storage and a point-of-use via addressing. Additionally, packquantities, product names and other information can be provided by the pull system.

The second basic type of internal pull system is Production Pull, sometimes referred to as Production InstructionKanban. Production Pull authorizes the manufacture or assembly of component parts or finished product at the request of the next point-of-use.

In simplest terms, the Withdrawal Pull provides theshopping list while the Production Pull provides the instruction to replace what has been consumed. See Figure MM-5-A: Internal Pull Systems. A system that uses both the Withdrawal and Production Pull isoften referred to as a two-card system. In some limited cases, where a dedicated stock person is provided and the inventory and customer process are co-located, the withdrawal side of the pull system isnot needed. This type of system is referred to as a one-card system.

Listed below are the objectives of MM-5 Internal Pull Systems:

• Establish one simplestandardized method of controlling and balancing the flow of resources.
• Provide quantity control for production and conveyance of materials.
• Support transition from large to small lotproduction.
• Visually manage the information flow on the manufacturing floor.
• Minimize the number of steps required in the process.
• Eliminate the waste of handling, storage,tracking, obsolescence, repair, rework, facilities, equipment, excess inventory and shortages.
• Replace only what has been consumed.
• Manufacture and ship only what is required.
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