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Resazurin Cell Viability Assay Kit
Catalog Number: 30025-1 (2500 assays) 30025-2 (10,000 assays)
Revised: February 4, 2011

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ResazurinFluorometric Cell Viability Assay Kit offers a simple, rapid, reliable, sensitive, safe and cost-effective measurement of cell viability. This kit performs at least as well as other commercialresazurin-based cell proliferation assay kits with the trademark name AlamarBlue*. Resazurin detects cell viability by converting from a nonfluorescent dye to the highly red fluorescent dye (1-3) resorufin inresponse to chemical reduction of growth medium resulting from cell growth . Continued cell growth maintains a reduced environment while inhibition of growth maintains an oxidized environment.Reduction related to growth causes the REDOX indicator to change from the oxidized (nonfluorescent, purple color) form to the reduced (fluorescent, red color) form. The fluorescent signal is monitored using530-560 nm excitation wavelength and 590 nm emission wavelength. The absorbance is monitored at 570 nm and 600 nm. For optimal result, subtract background OD at 600 nm from OD at 570 nm. Thefluorescent and colorimetric signal generated from the assay is proportional to the number of living cells in the sample. Resazurin assay is as sensitive as [3H] thymidine assay for detecting cellproliferation (1). Depending on the cell types, Resazurin can detect as few as 40 cells with reproducible and sensitive signal. As resorufin (pink and fluorescent) can be further reduced to hydroresorufin(colorless and nonfluorescent), the assay signal decreases even with increased number of cells after all resazurin is converted into resorufin. Therefore, it is important to conduct a cell number...
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