Proposta de tese - mercado entre brasil e croacia - acai e guarana

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Exploration andAnalysis of Croatian Retail Market:

Implications for Brazilian Consumer Products Retail Strategy

(Proposal for the Master's degree thesis)

Menthor: Ivan Damir Anić, PhD

IGBS ZagrebZagreb, March 7, 2011.

Exploration and Analysis of Croatian Retail Market:

Implications for Brazilian Consumer Products Retail StrategyDuring the last ten years trading interchange between Brazil and Croatia has been growing quickly. From 2005 to 2008 import to Croatia rose by 55 percent. This shows us how these two distant and differentmarkets have a lot of potential for accepting each other's goods.

Brazilian economy is growing strongly and offers a large pallete of products for export which are often highly competitive atthe global market. This relates to both raw materials as well as finished goods. This research will be focused on consumer products for retail sale.

In addition, we will analyze potentials ofCroatian market for acceptance of Brazilian products, with the purpose of making implications for a retail strategy on Crotian market.

So far there were no studies done on comparison of the tworetail markets. Because of the lack of existing researches on this topic, a primary research will need to be performed for this purpose. This will be done in form of a written survey. The results will becollected partially in person and partially via email. The research will include people of all ages and of all education backgrounds.

Croatian and Brazilian markets have a lot of differences.Consumers have different buying habits, there are many products on Brazilian market which do not exist on Croatian, and most probably many of these products would be highly acceptable on Croatian...
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