Profissoes que nao existem mais

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  • Publicado : 20 de setembro de 2012
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Professions that no longer exist:

- Typist: who writes on the typewriter, after the emergence of the computer, they have been virtually replaced.
- Coachmen: it was the person responsible forleading the horses in a wagon or wagons. They were a kind of driver to the nobility.
- Telegraph: the telegraph was the professional responsible for transmitting and receiving messages using its owncode, known as Morse code, named after its inventor, Samuel Morse.
- Pinsetter: its function was to collect and organize the pins knocked down after throwing a bowling ball in, and leave them right tothe next player. However, in 1952, an automatic system began to be used for this purpose, and organizers of pins were no longer engaged.
- Pianist Film: At the time when the cinema was still silent,pianists were hired to do the soundtrack of the film and make the public more interested in the views of the films. The profession was popular until 1929.
- Lamplighter: the lamplighter played animportant role in the first half of the 20th century: it guaranteed the street lighting. The task was not only light the lamps in the streets, but also delete them at birth in the morning.
- HumanClock: This was a common profession in England and Ireland during the Industrial Revolution, before the creation of reliable clocks. The person's work was to wake people in time so they could get to workon time. Instead of using sounds, they wore a long, lightweight timber (like bamboo) to poke people from outside their homes.
- Fotógrafo Lambe Lambe: Also known as a garden photographer, often byusing a garden to the back of the photos. With your camera mounted on a tripod, the photographer was found registering families, dating couples and some solitary. Today, it is considered that this is anendangered profession, since its activity was overcome by technology.
Professions that will no longer exist:
- Corrector, car salesman, mailman, insurance agent - The Internet will eradicate...
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