Plato and the allegory of the cave

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  • Publicado : 27 de março de 2013
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Name: Leopoldo Yoshinari Alves Moreira
Class: Reth & Comp.
ID: #100110922

Plato - The allegory of the cave

The way in which people look and believe in the things may not be the realmeaning about what supposed to be in reality, sometimes we just see the imperfect reflections of the last form, which means that most of the times our ideas are distorted and thus escaping of the truth andreality.

Moreover, a normal human being is different of a philosopher, philosophers are capable to develop a better understanding of the forms than simply relying on perception by themselves,in other words, a normal human being could not know the forms directly, but a philosophy has a capacity to perceive the forms in a different way, being able to interpret better the reality. Thereupon,a philosophical life is superior to a non-philosophical life.
We have some context that the forms can have a lot of different ways to be seen, such as, one chair could be different of anotherchair, because chair may have an different shape or size, so the prisoners see only shadows in the wall, that was the reality to them, when they were freed, they had a different view of the reality andthen might though the reality was in the cave.

When one of the prisoners goes out the cave, the world gets clearer, seeing the reality, he looked to the sun and immediately turned your head back,because he was not accustomed with lot of light, then he realized that the sun is an important factor which is responsible for the seasons and the year, then got the conclusion that the Sun was the"Form of the good".
But when he comes back to the cave, he tries to tell the other ones about the reality, the shadows which was just a reflection of the real objects, but they reject everything thathe said and condemn him for the moral misconduct and loss of ethical values.

However, knowledge could only be derived from timeless and perfect world of the forms, anything derived from the...
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