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hp calculators

HP 50g Introduction to the Training Aids Use of the Training Aids Special Symbols Special Key Combinations Calculator Settings and Resetting the Calculator

hp calculators HP 50gIntroduction to the Training Aids Use of the Training Aids HP provides these training aids to help readers understand the HP50g and gain experience in its use. They do not replace the manuals butoffer a hands-on way to try some of the many HP50g features. Readers who do not have an HP50g but wish to learn about it can benefit by studying these training aids too. The training aids use no colorsso they can be printed on a black and white printer with no loss of information. The examples are provided purely for practice and do not represent any real situations or people. Special Symbols Thetraining aids use special symbols to show keys on the HP50g and characters on the screen (also called the display). The four keys at the top right of the keyboard, up, down, left and right, are shown as—˜š™. The white left shift key and the orange right shift key are shown as „and …. A key pressed after one of these two is called a “shifted key” and is shown as the shift key followed by the name ofthe shifted function, as it looks on the keyboard. For example to get the inverse sine function, called ASIN, it is necessary to press the white left shift which is „and then the S key. In thetraining aids this would be shown as „¼. When letters are entered, such as the letter M, they are shown as m. To enter a letter, press the ~ key and then the appropriate letter key. Labels at the bottom ofthe screen are shown as they appear, for example !LABEL. Special Key Combinations There are some special key combinations which will be described like this: “hold the $ key down and keep it down whilepressing the + key”. For example, if the screen is too dark or too light, it is possible to change the contrast. This is done by pressing and holding down the $ key, then pressing + repeatedly for...