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Project Management

Project Plan

“Roleta para a Frente”– Test Implementation

Project Name: “Roleta para a Frente”– Test Implementation
Date: 17/01/2012
Version: 0.1
Prepared By: Cátia Guerra

Executive Summary
Business Need/Opportunity
The Roleta geospatial community has access to a large number of sharedgeospatial datasets, mainly through multiple data download sites. However, no one web location exists through which people and organizations can find and share such data. Shared web services and applications are even less accessible, and only modestly promoted as a potential shared resource. There exists in Roleta a significant opportunity to collaboratively develop a single location through whichpublished Roleta geospatial resources can be found and shared.
Many in the community are very interested in this opportunity and have a compelling business need to see it succeed, not the least of which are the agencies that manage the biggest data distribution sites in the state. Further, the existence of a collaboratively developed Commons may eliminate the need for existing, disparate datadownload sites, saving several organizations from the responsibility of maintaining their own sites and upgrading them periodically.
The coordinated geospatial commons that is envisioned would greatly advance our ability to share web services in particular, by both providing a place to publish information about them and also by facilitating assessments of the reliability and trustworthiness of suchweb services. The increased usage of web services will produce efficiency gains for many organizations, in particular those that develop geospatial applications.
Perhaps most importantly, the Commons will provide a one stop location for a broad array of business and users in Roleta and beyond, whether professional or casual, to find and share useful resources, and will promote greater sharingof geospatial data, services and applications.

Statement of Work
This effort includes the following:
• Define the needed functions of the Commons
o Begin with those functions needed by the major data producers
o Get additional input from the broader geospatial community
• Assess existing sites and products and choose a product for a test bed implementation.
• Further define the critical functions and requirements.
• Form a multi agency implementation team advised by the Commons workgroup
• Create and approve a project charter
• Create and approve a project plan for the test bed implementation
• Implement a test bed Commons focusing on high priority functions
• Test functionality and assess strengths and deficiencies of software productand implementation methods
• Make recommendations and project plan for a full production Commons, including
o Roles and responsibilities
o Functions to include
o Implementation methods
o Timeline
o Governance
• Report findings
• Seek commitment and/or funding

This effort does not include the following:
•Implementing a final production Commons

Project Objectives
Business Objectives for the project are:
• Define the needed functions of the Commons
• Implement a test bed version of the Commons
• Make recommendations and develop a project plan for a full production Commons.

The following limitations and constraints have been identified for this project:
• The effort relieson voluntary participation by multiple government agencies
• This project has no defined budget
• This project will proceed within the bounds of the prioritized Commons functional requirements previously defined by the Geospatial Architecture Workgroup
• Upon approval of this Project Charter, the next milestone will be the completion of a Project Plan.

• The following...
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