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Sometimes i like going to the school, but sometimes i dont. I always learn new things with my teachers and even with my friends. My techers always say that i have to study veryhard if i want to be a good professional after the school, but i dont think they are totally right, because its not only the books that make someone happy.I have one best friendin my classroom and she also teaches me a lot.In the break, my friend and I, go out to buy a food and meet our friends and it'sPretty awesome.And that's what we do every day atthe school.

We live in the Technology era.Everything around me is technology.Every day something new is invented to make our life easier.Technology has brought a whole newworld of things that a couple of years ago were impossible to imagine. Today if we want to send a message to someone you may find different ways to do it: telephone, mobile phone,e-mail….But technology has advantages and disadvantages.The advantages are: creates new employments, better and faster communications, and health care.The disadvantages are: thepollution that causes, the unemployment because it can replace men at work, and addictions, like the video games, computer games, internet… Technology is inevitable.Every day wecame across with advertisements especially targeted by marketing companies to purchase brand names and designer products. Teens are the main target, because they like to wearfashion clothes, they like to follow the trend because is emotionally important to teens wear the right clothes and shoes.Sometimes, there are people that do not buy first necessitygoods to be able to purchase knowing brands. In my opinion it is much better to have a stable life instead of having brand clothes or shoes. For me brands are not important.
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