Phrasal verbs

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Phrasal Verbs |
To Ask Out | To invite for a date |
To Be About To | To be ready or prepared to do something |
To Break Up | To end a relationship |
To Bring About | To make happen,to achieve, to cause |
To Bring Down | To depress |
To Bring Up | To raise(a child) |
To Call Off | To cancel |
To Calm Down | To make quiet, peaceful |
To Catch On | To becomepopular |
To Chicken Out | To be too afraid to do something |
To Close Down | To cease operations, to stop from doing business |
To Come Down With | To catch (na illness) |
To Come Out| To turn out, to result |
To Count On | To trust someone or something |
To Do Without | To manage in spite of being without something |
To Figure Out | To find |
To Get By | Tosurvive |
To Get Into | To enter |
To Get Over | To return to a normal state after a bad experience or illness, to overcome |
To Get Up | To get out of bed |
To Help Out | To givehelp to someone at a time of need |
To Keep Up | To stay equal with(manter) |
To Keep Up With | To proceed at the same pace as |
To Line Up | To place in line with |
To Make Fun Of | Toridicule, to laugh at |
To Pass By | To move by |
To Pass Out | To faint, to lose consciousness |
To Put Away | To put something back in the correct place |
To Put Off | To changethe date or time of something so that it happens later |
To Run Out | To use all of, to deplete |
To Set Off | To cause great anger |
To Show Up | To arrive or appear |
To Stay Up |To go to bed later than usual |
To Take On | To accept (responsability) |
To Take Over | To gain control over or responsibility for something |
To Take Up | To fill or occupy |
ToThrow Away | To fail to use, to waste |
To Try Out | To test, toexperiment with |
To Turn Around | To reverse direction, to change a bad business situation |
To Wait On | To serve |
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