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Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

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Clinical Anatomy of the Horse
Clinical Anatomy of the Horse
1st ed. Hilary M. Clayton, BVMS PhD MRCVS Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI 48824-1314, USA Peter F. Flood, BVSc MSc PhD MRCVS Professor Emeritus ofVeterinary Anatomy, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, 52 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 5B4, Canada Diana S. Rosenstein, DVM, MS, DipACVR Associate Professor of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI 48824-1314, USA David Mandeville Division of Media Technology, University of Saskatchewan,28 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 0X1, Canada 0-7234-3302-X MOSBY ELSEVIER An affiliate of Elsevier Limited © Elsevier Limited 2005. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without either the prior permission of thepublishers or a licence permitting restricted copying in the United Kingdom issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency, 90 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4LP. Permissions may be sought directly from Elsevier's Health Sciences Rights Department in Philadelphia, USA: phone: (+1) 215 238 7869, fax: (+1) 215 238 2239, e-mail: healthpermissions@elsevier.com. You may also complete your request on-line via theElsevier Science homepage (http://www.elsevier.com), by selecting ‘Customer Support’ and then ‘Obtaining Permissions’. First edition 2005 ISBN 07234 3302 X British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data iii iv iii

Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

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ClinicalAnatomy of the Horse
A catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress Note Veterinary knowledge and best practice in this field are constantly changing. As new research and experience broaden our knowledge, changes in practice, treatment and drug therapy may become necessary or appropriate. Readers are advised to check the most current information provided (i) on proceduresfeatured or (ii) by the manufacturer of each product to be administered, to verify the recommended dose or formula, the method and duration of administration, and contraindications. It is the responsibility of the practitioner, relying on their own experience and knowledge of the patient, to make diagnoses, to determine dosages and the best treatment for each individual patient, and to take allappropriate safety precautions. To the fullest extent of the law, neither the publisher nor the authors assume any liability for any injury and/or damage. Commissioning Editor: Joyce Rodenhuis Senior Development Editors: Zoë A Youd, Rita Demetriou-Swanwick Project Manager: Andrew Palfreyman Design Direction: Stewart Larking Printed in China

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Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

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Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

1 Introduction
The illustrations in this atlas include photographs of skeletal preparations, dissections and endoscopic views as well as images obtained by radiology,ultrasonography and computerized tomography. These techniques contribute in different but complementary ways to our understanding of the anatomy of the horse (Equus caballus). The atlas is not intended to be a comprehensive anatomical reference book, of which there are several; instead, it is an illuminating companion to these texts. Our intent is to portray those aspects of equine anatomy that are...
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