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1. A company vehicle is to undergo overhaul in a workshop. On arrival at the workshop, the vehicle is to be stripped down to enable all of the paint to be removed from the chassisso that it can be thoroughly inspected for damage. Any damage found is to be repaired and the chassis is to be painted prior to any reassembly taking place. Whilst removal of the paint and inspectionof the chassis can be started as soon as the vehicle is stripped, it is not possible to complete the task until the engine and electrical harness have been removed from the chassis. Repair work isnot to start until the inspection has been completed.
2. The engine, vehicle electrical harness, electrical equipment (battery, starter motor and alternator), and fuel injectors are to be overhauled infour independent areas of the workshop. The electrical harness, electrical equipment and injectors cannot be removed until the engine has been taken out of the chassis, and the engine should not beremoved until the vehicle has been stripped.
3. The electrical harness must be installed in the chassis before the engine is refitted.
4. The engine has to be subjected to a full running test in anengine test house remote from the repair areas before it can be installed. To enable the running test to take place, the overhauled injectors, alternator and starter motor must be refitted.
5. Onceall of the work has been completed the vehicle it is to be given a full road test.
6. The QA department needs to perform check inspections of the vehicle at key stages in the overhaul programme:
a.After the chassis has been repaired and prior to respraying.
b. After vehicle has been rebuilt and prior to the road test.
c. Prior to returning the vehicle to the company (out inspection).
Eachof these inspections generally takes a couple of hours, however, half a day should be allocated to each. The out inspection includes a check of all of the associated paperwork and the vehicle must...