Mercado financeiro e de capitais

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Teacher: Ana Paola

1. What’s going on in each of the following pictures?

He is ________________________________.__________________________________





2. Read the two texts belowand complete the sentences using the appropriate form of the verbs given.
I. Jane _______________ (to be) a very intelligent teenager. She _____________ (to be ) fifteen years old and_____________ (to have) two brothers. She ____________ (to go) to school in the morning and ______________ (to help) her parents in the afternoon. In the evening, she _________________ (to study) Englishat a school. She _______________ (to love) ice cream and barbecue; she ________________ (to eat) an ice cream every day and, on the weekend, she __________________ (to eat) barbecue. Her brothers_____________________ (to like – not) to study, but they _______________ (to help) their parents too. They _____________ (to want) to open a small restaurant because they ____________ (to like) to workwith food. Jane _____________ (to like) science and she _______________ (to want) to be a doctor. Her father __________________ (to tell) her that it is necessary to study a lot to be a doctor. Jane________________ (to tell) her father: “Yes, you are correct. This is my dream and I ________________ (to know) it is possible because I am dedicated.”
Jane’s family _____________________ (to have)problems but they ___________________ (to believe) there are solutions and they never _________________ (to give up). Jane ____________________ (to have – not) everything she ____________________ (towant) but she ____________________ (to work) hard.

II. Mary and I ______________________ (work) in the same office, but we're completely different. She ______________________ (to like) coffee,...