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Use of the University Logo, Seal and Other Marks

estern Washington University is proud of its national reputation for academic excellence. A public comprehensive university, Western is dedicated to providing the highest quality undergraduate and master’s education in the Northwest. A strong cohesive visual identity program provides a consistent presentation of theUniversity and reinforces Western’s reputation for quality. It unifies and strengthens the University and projects an image of excellence which is important in attracting highly qualified students, faculty and staff. These guidelines, developed by a University Task Force and approved by the President’s Council, detail how Western’s visual identity is to be used in a variety of print, electronicmedia and signage situations in order to present a professional image to the public. It will be of benefit to the campus community in helping to establish clear standards for the use of Western’s logo and in conveying the excellence in education for which Western is well known. Having these guidelines readily available to all members of the campus community will complete the task set by Western’sBoard of Trustees when they approved the University logo on February 25, 1993.



Karen W. Morse President

A strong, attractive and flexible visual identity program is an asset to the University. It creates a unified, easily recognizable image for Western which enhances the institution’s public visibility. The Western logo is designed to be used for University stationery,publications developed by the staff or by academic and administrative units, and for other identity needs such as signs, banners and name tags. Western Washington University’s visual identity program was strengthened in 1992 by a task force comprised of faculty, staff and students which developed the University’s logo and more clearly defined the use of the logo, University seal and other marks. Thelogo was approved by the Board of Trustees in 1993. These guidelines continue that effort so that members of the campus community will have information about how to use the components of the visual identity program appropriately.

Purposes of the Visual Identity Program
• • • To heighten public awareness of Western Washington University To improve public recognition of the University To provide aconsistent visual identity for the University’s name

This manual provides guidelines for using Western’s logo. If you need help or have questions about Western’s visual identity program, please contact the Publications Supervisor at X/7438.


The term “logo” refers to the graphic element and set of words shown at right. The logo has two parts: the logotype, which is the nameof the University, and the graphic element, which is the stylized representation of the Old Main entrance. The logotype appears in the Stone font (see page 12). The two parts are combined in specific alignment and proportions to form the logo. The logo is available in electronic form from Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS), X/7928, as well as on printed sheets from Publication Services.graphic element



Gold PMS 874

Blue PMS 280 or Reflex Blue

The University colors — blue and white — are some of its most obvious visual identifiers. For publication purposes, Western’s official ink colors are blue (PMS 280 or “reflex”) and gold (PMS 874). The institutional logo is printed in Western’s ink colors: gold for the graphic element and blue for the logotype. Reflexblue is used on uncoated paper, such as the University letterhead, stationery and business cards; PMS 280 is used on coated paper. Official publications should use Western’s ink colors. The only appropriate twocolor use of the logo is shown in the example above. In some publications or other printed materials, the University logo may appear in white on the background color of the material being...
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