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LP 300

LP™ 300 Flow Improver allows companies to strategically reduce pipeline operating costs, increase throughput, decrease pressure or shut down intermediate pump stations. LP™ 300 FlowImprover offers the same advanced polymer technology as other LP™ Flow Improvers. It dissolves into flowing product without coating pipeline walls and increases throughput while reducing internalcorrosion rates. It allows greater amounts of active polymer to be deployed in a fixed amount of product while improving dissolution dynamics. The polymer of choice offers excellent hydrocarbon affinity andis able to attain elevated levels of drag reduction under varied operating scenarios. It also has the strength to effectively endure shear forces.

For Heavier Crude Oil

LP™ 300 FlowImprover is part of the ConocoPhillips Specialty Products Inc. range of innovative and technologically superior Flow Improver Solutions. As part of the portfolio, LP™ 300 Flow Improver has beendesigned specifically for heavier types of crude oil.

LP™ 300 Flow Improver is an aqueous suspension product with a greater affinity for heavier crudes. Like our other LP™ FlowImprovers, it can provide greater than 80% drag reduction.

LP™ 300 Flow Improver is easy to handle, store and clean up. It is nonhazardous and nonflammable. It flows easily and does not requirenitrogen pressurized storage tanks. See back page for product properties.

Great performance: • Designed specifically to increase performance in heavier crudes. • Great heat stability intropical and desert environments. • Greater than 80% drag reduction. • Increases flow rates while maintaining current pipeline pressures. • Maintains flow while reducing pipeline pressures. • Allowsshutting down of intermediate pump stations. Superior technology: • Improves pipeline capacity without capital investment. • Less polymer required to achieve a given performance. • Lower injection rates...
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