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Dominoes one


Sherlocl( Holmes ......----~

Here are some of the people in The Blue Diamond. What work do they do? Use a dictionary to help you.

Name: Mr Peterson Work: .

Name: Mr Baker Work: .

Name: James Ryder Work:

Name: John Horner Work: .

Name: Catherine Cusack Work: .

Name: Mrs Hudson Work:. . .

Name: MrWindigate Work: .

Name: Mr Breckinridge Work: .

Name: Mrs Work


WJ ~11

Which of these people help to steal the diamond?

Sherlock Holmes The Blue Diamond

An old hat

y name's Dr Watson, and I'm a good friend of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Two days after Christmas last year I went to his house - 221B Baker Street. I wanted to say 'HappyChristmas!' to him. When I arrived, I found him in the sitting-room. He was by the window with some newspapers next to him. There was an old hat on a chair near him, and he had a magnifying glass in his hand. 'You're working on something,' I said. 'Shall I go?' 'No,' said Holmes. 'Sit down and look at that interesting old hat over there.'


Holmes lh:mmzJ diamond a very

expensive stone thatusually has no

stWng-room the

room in a house
where people sit and talk
newspaper people

read about things that happen every day in this

magnifying glass when you look through this. small

things are big

crime killing someone, or takmg money from someone

doorman a man working at a hotel; he opens the front door for visitors
bird an animal that can fly; you can eatsome birds
goose (plural geese) a large, usually white bird; people sometimes eat it at Christmas cook to make " things for people to eat shoulder this is between your arm and your neck
fall (past fell) to go down suddenly
try to want to do

something but not to do it well walking stick a long, thin piece of wood; you use this to help you to walk

I sat down. It was cold out in the street, butit was nice and warm in Holmes's sitting room, 'Why are you interested in that old hat? Is it something to do with a crime?' I asked. Holmes laughed, 'Not a crime, no,' he said, 'I got it from Peterson, the doorman at the Baker Street Hotel. 'He found it in the street and brought it here on Christmas Day for me to look at. He also brought a dead bird with him - a good fat Christmas goose - at thesame time, 'I gave the goose back to him this morning, He's cooking it at his house now and he's going to eat it for dinner tonight.' 'First it was a hat, and now you're talking about a goose!' I said, 'I don't understand.' 'Then let's begin when it all began,' said Holmes. 'At about four o'clock in the morning of Christmas Day, Peterson went home after work, When he got to Tottenham Court Roadhe saw, in the street in front of him, a tall man with a goose over his shoulder, Peterson walked behind him for some time. 'There were some young men in the street in front of them, Suddenly one of them hit the tall man's hat off his head and it fell into the road, Then the tall man tried to hit the young man with his walking stick, but by accident he broke the window of a shop behind him. 'Atthat moment Peterson ran to the man to help him, but the tall man ran away, Perhaps he felt bad about breaking the shop window, Perhaps he thought that Peterson - in his doorman's coat and hat - was a policeman.


'When he ran, he left his Christmas bird in the street next to his hat. The young men ran away at the same time, so Peterson took the goose and the hat home with him, and the nextday he brought them here. 'There was an interesting little ticket on the goose's left leg,' said Holmes. 'It said "For Mr and Mrs Henry Baker". We can find the letters H.B. in the hat too.' 'Oh ... the owner of the hat and the goose is called Henry Baker,' I said. 'Yes,' answered Holmes. 'But my dear Watson this doesn't help us very much. There are hundreds of Henry Bakers in London. I gave the...
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