Lesson 3

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To rent,rented: hire, lease. Ex: I’ll rent a car in California
To intend,intended: have something in your mind as a plan. Ex: He intended something for her

Intent: intention.Ex: My intent is: When I arrive home, I’ll play soccer
Intention:a plan to do something. Ex: His intention is buy a new computer
International: Another nation. Ex: His car’s brand is internationalVisitor: someone who visits somewhere or someone.Ex: The visitors are proud of their team
Amused: Funny. Her joke was amused
Amusement: fun. That amusement park is there
Attraction: an interestingthing. Ex: The main attraction of this concert is that band
Boundary:Lines that marks the edge of a state, country, etc. Ex: That river is the boundary of this city
Trail:way. Ex: Follow this trailMain:more important than all the other things. Ex: The main chapter of this book is the 4 th
Principal:main. Ex: I’m going to enter in the principal gate
Wonder:awe. Ex: The seven wonders of theworld
Wonderful:great. Ex: What a wonderful world
Phenomenon: something that happens or exists in society, science, or nature, especially something that is studied because it is difficult tounderstand. Ex: The tornado phenomenon
Rainbow: a large curve of different colours that can appear in the sky when there is both sun and rain.Ex:Look that rainbow next the hill
Activity:Something to do.Ex:Take your baseball bat and let’s go to the activity center
Volcano: a mountain with a large hole at the top, through which lava is sometimes forced out.Ex: Watch out that volcano’s lava
Volcanic:relating to or caused by a volcano.Ex:black volcanic sand
Crater: a round hole in the ground made by something that has fallen on it or by an explosion.Ex: craters on the moon's surface
Region:Area.Ex:This is the Iraq’s region
Concentrated: showing a lot of effort or determination.Ex:He made a concentrated effort to improve his work.
Concentration: the ability to think about something...