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For some time, the global warming has playing a polemic role in our world.
In this work we will show what is the global warming so you can have an idea as well as the causes and consequences andwhat we can do to combat the warming of our planet.

What is the Global warming?
Global warming may be clear-cut as the increase in average temperature of the oceans and air near the earth'ssurface that has been observed in recent decades and the possibility of continuing the course of this century.
This has been verified through the high temperatures and sudden change in temperature aroundthe world. Some studies show that global warming is a factor which increases the strength of hurricanes, melt polar ice, large floods, storms and more.

What are the causes of global warming?
Themain cause is the increase of greenhouse gases emitted over the world, which generates the greenhouse effect.

We are the leading cause of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere by:
Products that we don’t recycle at home;
Deodorants containing cfs;

What might be the consequences of global warming?
The increase in the average water of the sea, which willflood coastal areas and cause the death of many people and animals;
The melting of polar ice due to warmer temperatures, melting of these can cause the death of many species living in polarenvironments. It should be noted that not only the polar bears can suffer from the melt but also many other animals die and others kill themselves to ensure their species survival;
Climate change that willcause more instability and devastating storms and the change in some countries with stable climate to tropical climate.

What can we do to save our planet?
Using new forms of energy such as solar,wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass or hydrogen;
Recycling, the recycling will assist in re-used things that give rise to new things;
Public transportation, using public transports there will be...
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