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Misgav Industrial Park, POB 60, D.N. Misgav 20179, Israel Tel : +972-4-9951999; Fax: +972-4-9990287

XE2000 IP-PBX Data Sheet
The XE2000 is an Intel-Celeron® based Asterisk® IP PBX with PSTN /telephone ports. The XE2000 features Elastix™ Asterisk distribution and may be equipped with up to 32 analog ports, up to eight BRI ISDN ports, and/or a single PRI/R2/CAS ISDN E1/T1 port. The XE2000supports up to 160 PSTN / Analog phones ports with external Astribank units, up to 200 users and up to 45 concurrent calls. To see the different XE2000 configurations on our Web site click here.Features
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User friendly Web Interface Interface in Different Languages CDR (Call Details Record) via Web access TDM/SIP/IAX Trunks Remote Extensions Voicemail Fax Support Voicemailto Email IVR Menu System Ring Groups Call Queues

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Conference Rooms Follow-Me Time-Based Routing Advanced Dialing Rules Music-On-Hold Paging and Intercom Web Access toVoicemail Admin Status Screen Package Manager (for easy updates) Network Settings Tool Phone Provisioning Tool Echo Cancellation - OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Cancelation)

Asterisk versionLinux version GUI Rapid Tunneling™ TwinStar™ (optional) 1.4x/1.6x (Elastix) CentOS 5.x FreePBX Utility providing secure remote access for product support purposes High availability solution forcomplete Asterisk-based systems (requires two identical base units and an Astribank device).

XE2000 IP-PBX Data Sheet

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Misgav Industrial Park, POB 60, D.N. Misgav 20179, Israel Tel :+972-4-9951999; Fax: +972-4-9990287

Processor RAM Hard disk RAID1 Fan Echo Cancellation Module USB I/O Ports (optional and model-specific) Rapid PA™ (optional and model-specific) IntelCeleron 1.2 GHz 1 GB From 250GB 2.5'' (optional upgrade to 500GB) Dual hard drive for increased system reliability 3 redundant fans Voice enhancement & echo cancellation (optional) 2 external USB 2.0...
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