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A Quick Tour of
Adobe InDesign

This interactive demonstration of Adobe
InDesign provides an overview of key features
of the program. It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

A Quick Tour of Adobe InDesign

Getting started
You’ll start the tour by opening a partially completed document. You’ll add the finishing
touches to this 6-page article on Mexican folk art written for animaginary travel magazine.
Before you start Adobe InDesign, you should restore the default preferences for InDesign if
you have not already done so in this session. Restoring default preferences ensures that the
tools and palettes function exactly as described in this lesson. After you learn how to use
InDesign, this step is no longer necessary.
1 Delete or deactivate the InDesign Defaults file andthe InDesign SavedData file,
following the procedure in “Restoring default preferences” on page 4.
2 Start Adobe InDesign.
3 Choose File > Open, and locate the ID_00 folder in the Lessons folder you copied from
the InDesign Classroom in a Book CD to your hard disk:
4 In the ID_00 folder, double-click ID_01.indd.
Note: In Windows, your extensions may be hidden. If this is so, the file appears asID_01 (not
ID_01.indd) in the Open a File dialog box.

If an alert message appears that asks which dictionary file you want to use, click No
(Windows) or Document (Mac OS).
5 Choose File > Save As, and rename the file Tour in the ID_00 folder. If someone else
has created this file, choose Yes to replace it.

Classroom in a Book

Viewing the document
The first spread (pages 2 and 3)appears on your screen. You’ll now look at the rest of the
6-page article using several navigation methods. First, you’ll use the Navigator palette,
which is useful for changing the view magnification. As in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe
Photoshop, palettes are often grouped with other palettes. However, you can move,
separate, and combine these palettes any way you like.
1 Choose View > Fit Spread inWindow.
2 Click the Navigator palette tab to bring it to the front of the palette group.

3 Position the pointer on the palette-menu button ( ) on the right side of the palette
window, and choose View All Spreads from the Navigator palette menu. If you can’t see
the three spreads well, drag the lower right corner of the palette down to resize it; drag
it back up when you’re finished.

Like manypalettes, the Navigator palette has a
menu that displays additional options.

Notice that the red view box in the Navigator palette determines which area of the
document is displayed.

A Quick Tour of Adobe InDesign

4 In the Navigator palette, click the center of the middle spread to view pages 4 and 5. If
necessary, drag the red box so that you can see pages 4 and 5.

Now we’ll look at thePages palette, which is another useful tool for turning pages. You’ll
be using the Pages palette throughout this tour, so you’ll separate the Pages palette from
the other two palettes.
5 Click the Pages palette tab, and then drag the Pages tab below the other palettes.

Classroom in a Book

6 In the Pages palette, click the palette-menu button (in the upper right corner) to openthe palette menu, and then choose Palette Options.

7 In the Pages Palette Options dialog box, deselect Show Vertically in the Pages group,
and then click OK. The page icons in the Pages palette are now aligned horizontally.
Feel free to move and rearrange palettes in this Quick Tour as needed. You can move a
palette by dragging its top bar, or you can click the minimize button or close button onthe top
bar. When you need to use the palette again, click the restore button or choose the appropriate
menu command (such as Window > Pages to display the Pages palette). Several palettes also
have a double-arrow icon ( ) on the tab itself. You can click this icon to toggle the palette
8 In the Pages palette, double-click the numbers 6-7 below the page icons to view the last
spread in...
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