Household words

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  • Publicado : 3 de março de 2013
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One of the biggest virtues of mankind is curiosity. From that point of view I have the best job in
the world. While most people search to know what is in fashion, try to get hold ofnew recipes,
new releases, the latest household-must-haves, what others are doing and where they are going;
I have a daily update of everything that people do in real life. I am fascinated by thepieces of
paper that turn up on my cleaning rounds.
A typical day at “one of my offices”, as I like calling the houses where I clean, starts with a cup
of tea according to the house owner’s taste,while I read the note left to the cleaner.

Physical activity is what dominates the job, and each house is my gym, paid for by the hour. It
takes some getting use to it, aches and pains here andthere. Cobweb chasing is a favorite exercise in my programme , followed by the skirting board sweat.

Before leaving I always have a look in the fridge. Maybe a nibble - today, only organic handpickedlettuce, washed with pure spring water from the valley and enriched with omega 23!
Next office please.

© C Vendramini

Personal objects are the soul of a house, but there aresome that are never in the right place:
I believe, each and every wife gets irritated with the loose change her husband leaves laying

Well, the cleaner gets irritated too!
Please,gentlemen, buy a flower on your way home!

© C Vendramini

If in one of “my offices” I have co-workers, my assistant manager in chief, aka, the wife, coordinates everything.Her efficiency is second to none.

Sometimes I procrastinate.

© C Vendramini

Wisdom comes with time, but developing knowledge and skills throughout the course of your career issomething else. During my PhD research in smudge-physics I came across many interesting

Dust exists, full stop! No matter what you do, it will always be there. Be creative, use your...
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