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GURU 1.5
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New features in GURU 1.5

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GURU v.5 is 00% compatible with the latest hardware & software platforms including Dual,Quad and 8-Core systems, Intel-based Macs, Windows Vista, Pro Tools 7.x, Digital Performer 5.x (including DAE mode). Please note GURU .5’s updated system requirements are as follows: • Mac OS X 0.4.x “Tiger”, or Windows 000, XP or Vista. • 5M RAM (768M recommended) • 733MHz CPU with SSE or AltiVec instruction set • 300MB free hard disk space (6GB for full library)

Audio Export
Youcan now render pads, tracks, engines or the full mix directly within GURU, and instantly export it via drag + drop to your host or OS, or give the rendered loop a second pass through GURU for further mangling. The audio exporter automatically tops and tails loops during rendering so they’re ready to use straightaway in Live, Acid or other loop environment. To use the audio exporter, hit the ARMbutton (the record symbol below the GURU logo) to arm the exporter for recording. The upper combo box allows you to choose what will get exported - a pad, track, group, engine, or the whole mix. The next time you hit PLAY, or next time you hit a pad (PAD export mode only), the exporter will capture the output. Depending whether you have the “Cross fade loops on export” option enabled, it may needto record for one cycle or two.

Once recording has been finished, the record light will go out and the newly recorded clip will be added to the lower combo box in the audio recorder area. You can double click the name of any recently recorded clip to rename it. To export the clip, select it in the combo box, then drag from the “Export source” button to the right of the combo boxes to, well,wherever you want -- be that a pad in Guru, a location in Guru’s browser, an Explorer/Finder folder, or of course your host. The files it outputs are standard WAVs and can be read by any application. NB: - The cycle length is determined by the length of the pattern, or for ‘ALL’ mode, the length of the longest currently selected pattern across all engines. If you want to record a longer passage, pickan unused engine (e.g. #8), set the page count to 4 and the step count to 8, and then set its tempo multiplier to a low value (e.g. /8th). GURU’s audio recorder is RAM-based, so recording long passages will eat RAM - you have been warned.


A new creative inspiration factory, the randomize slider can operate on any of GURU’s main screens – sequence, graphs, pad edit, effects,mixer – and allows you to apply a controllable amount of randomization to either the current pad or various combinations. Click on the randomize slider to generate a new set of ‘seed’ values, then drag to the left or right to apply them progressively to your patch. Hold down ALT or SHIFT while dragging the randomize slider to apply the process over a wider area – if you don’t like what you hear,just hit the Undo button to the right.

The Randomize slider’s behaviour depends on which page you’re on:

Pattern editor
In the Pattern Editor, it will add or remove random notes from the current pattern, either on the current lane only, or, if you hold down ALT or SHIFT+ALT, to all lanes in the current group or all lanes in the whole pattern. Moving it to the RIGHT will slowly add morenotes; moving it to the LEFT will remove notes.

Graph editor
In the Graph Editor, it will randomize the values of the graphs. Depending on which graph page you’re on, its behaviour may be damped down for some of the others - for example, randomization of the Volume, Shift and Repeat graphs is partially suppressed unless one of those graphs is selected. ALT randomizes the current graph across all...
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