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“The external macro environment consists of all the outside institutions and forces that have an actual or potential interest or impact on the organization’sability to achieve its objectives” (Cuts, 2010)



Once google supports billions of datas from a different subject related websites, it is a service used bymillions of people worldwide. All gender, race, age, disabilities, belong to the group of consumers of the services given by google.
With over 1 billion unique users per month, the next niche thatGoogle is trying to grab a hold of would be the users of different searching websites, such as Bing and Yahoo Search, with 165 million and 160 million monthly users respectively.


Since the start of the company, Google always have been facing many law suits. Trademark infringement over keyword ads, adults content filter, or even PageRank decrease issues are justa few of many examples.
The only government with actually real governing power over Google is the United States, because the company’s headquarter is located in California. But, likely most of thecomputer-based corporations, Google is part of many government’s jurisdiction.
Today, the government has only few directly laws to apply for those internet activities such as advertising or sales.TECHNOLOGICAL ISSUES

With almost 30% of the world population having internet access, the cyber-space relies on Google more and more to shift in between datas to find relevant criteria in thespecified search. This mass of potential users requires from Google to be a giant and technological innovation all the time.
Therefore, Google is being really successful in this segment, as CEOErich Schmidt said: “Google think-groups spend up to 20 percent of their time brain-storming new innovative ideas, testing those ideas, and deciding to keep or discard the ideas based on their proven...
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