Niantic project

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  • Publicado : 26 de novembro de 2012
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Calebe Lopes Pereira Venancio
Nº 6 2ªSérie
Professor: Matheus

What will this Niantic project?

Niantic Project

Google is working on a project very secretive and mysterious: theNiantic Project. Now, John Hanke - who is vice president of product management company - ended with the big "secret" and said that the objective of this initiative.
According to the executive, Google plansto use the Niantic Project to explore the ubiquitous computing - which is also known as pervasive computing and relates to a technology practically omniscient. In other words, this project wouldcreate products that would accompany you at all times of their daily lives.
Thus, the technological devices can interact more intelligently with people - and a small example is the Field Trip app thatshows interesting information about tourist sites visited by you. Because of this type of technological development, augmented reality can be brought to a level unseen.
But what would that change mylife?
When ubiquitous computing actually develop, the electronics will leave the foreground. With this, you will not need to take the smartphone pocket to access certain information, for example,because he would talk to another device and "magic" happen before your eyes.
The computation would be present at all sites and services, which facilitate the life and execution of various types ofactions. Because of this, it would be virtually everywhere and "talk" with you if adapting to your routine.

The mystery is finally revealed

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