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| 2012 |
| Swansea University

[Group x – Go By Ride] |
EG-M47 Entrepreneurship for engineers |

Who are us? 2
Why take a ride with GoByRide? 2
More information about payments 2
The website 3
Environmental Help! 3
Marketing Plan 4
SMART Objectives 4
Competitor Analysis 5
Who Are They? 5
Seize and Dominance 5
Base Customer GoByRide Aims to:5
GoByRide Strengths: 5
GoByRide Weaknesses 6
Data source 6
Pricing 6
Price comparison table: 6
Marketing Strategies 6
Cash flow 7
Web 2.0 7
How to make money? 7
Initial investment 7
Graphics 8
Tables 10
CV of founders 12
Thiago Veloso 12
Eduardo Gomes 12

So you are a university student and spend hours and money going to your home town or when you justwant to have some fun on the weekend in another city?
Don’t waste money and moments alone, sign up now for GoByRide and have a cheaper trip meeting different people who are closer to you than you’d imagined!

Who are us?
GoByRide is a new creative company which aims to help university students on their way, wherever they go. It’s basically an easy online system to connect and share a ridebetween different university students.

Sign Up!

With a simple click on the website you can find a cheap ride from your university directly to the city you want!
It just takes a few moments to make a registration and we just need some basic information about you and the confirmation of enrollment in your university.

Why take a ride with GoByRide?
Our system it’s the unique one that requiresan enrollment confirmation on the registration. At first it can have no meaning but it makes the program only available for university students.
In that case you can make certain about meeting people in a ride from the same age as you with the same interests what could lead to a new friendship or only an interesting conversation in the trip about the last party, a good society, about friends incommon or a hard lecture! It’s also a new way to start your network with people who can be your job mates later!
The system also improves the security about unknown people in your ride!
Beyond being more comfortable and sociable, GoByRide is much cheaper than buses or trains!
For an example if you want to go to Newport from Swansea University you can find train prices around £ 13.90. If youchoose bus can find prices around £ 7.40 (National Express) or the late MegaBus for £ 3.50. But if you choose GoByRide in a 4 people car it takes only £ 2.80 to go and have a new network of people around you.

More information about payments
The main idea is interacting people from the same city that also study in a university away from home.
Of course you can also save a good quantity of money asthe total price of the ride is calculated by our website and shared in everyone in the car!
The payment is made online with a small tax of 5% to the administration. The system gathers the money from the passengers and pays the driver which the makes transaction more secure in cases of booked passengers that does not appear!
Don’t waste more money with buses and trains, GoByRide!

The websiteFigure [ 1 ] - Website home page
Access: www.gobyride.co.uk
Environmental Help!
If you choose GoByRide you are also helping the environment. The idea is simple. As many people going in the same car less cars/buses/trains are needed. Then less green houses gases are emitted in to the atmosphere.
GoByRide it’s just a simple way of ride that can make you save money, making new friends andhelping for a better quality of life on your planet.

Marketing Plan
The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. It includes the coordination of four elements called the 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotional strategy
Product Orientation: Online system that connect university student drivers with passengers in an easy way to take a...