Gender and sexual

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ityGender and Sexuality

The Feminist Revolution

The feminists movements, which had its first wave in the ending of the nineteenth century, are the base of the modern society. Women started to seek equality and being active part of the world they lived in. Until that moment, men used to be not only the center, but the whole world. They did and decided everything while women were left aside.Even now, women continue to seek the equality ideal.

The Male Supremacy
Since we can remember, the world has been ruled by men. For being strongest than women, for being the provider of the group, men took the higher position even in the most primitive political system. In Stone Age, for example, men were responsible for hunting to feed the group, take the lead when the needed to move,find another place to stay and to protect the group.
In Religion
We can clearly see the male power if we look at some religions. In antiquity, for instance, the Greek had the Olympian Gods. Although they had goddesses among them, the three most powerful ones were men: Zeus, Poseidon and Ades. Before them, the titan who used to rule the world was Kronos, their father, also a male God. When theOlympian Gods fell in love with mortal and had kids, the demigod, the heroes, were always men: Perseus, Hercules and Theseus. They lived in the mortal world for being not too powerful to be in Olympus, but yet much more the mere mortals. There is no record of a female hero.
The Christians are another good example. They worship a male God, our father, the most powerful creature, the one whosees it all and is everywhere. Two thousand and ten years ago (Greek-roman calendar), God sent his son to our world: a man named Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah. Several other religions revere him in some way. He is one of the most influential figures in human history.

The Catholic Church
The Church used to be, in early modern Europe, on the top of the social pyramid and all the clergy was madeof men: priests, bishops, the Pop. By that time, the clergy was trying to finish with all the pagan religions in order to become the dominated religion in Europe. To accomplish their goal, they incorporated some part of the pagan religion culture into their own and started to kill every person who was adept to pagan religions, claiming they had a pact with the devil. The so called “witches” werestereotyped as women, though not exclusive. The only way to “purify” the witches was burning them. So we have a male clergy burning women who disagree with them.
Nowadays, the Church allowed women in, but even so they do not occupy a high position in the hierarchy.

Men and Politics
It is not only in religion, men are also majority in politics. To illustrate, we can cite the Roman Empire,one of the largest and most enduring in world history. The Romans were ruled by an emperor and an assembly, both with equal rights (at least in theory). To become the largest empire in history, they needed a big and well prepared army, or more men. Between religion, rulers and soldiers, there was no role for women but to serve men. There was not a woman in command, there was not a woman in army.Men and Arts
In the same way, men had also a massive participation in arts in the old days. We can take, for instance, the renaissance period, that was a cultural movement in the late Middle Ages. With pieces that remain eternal until the present days, like “Monalisa” and “The Creation of Adam”, the renaissance had a lot of influent artists. We can name Leonardo da Vince, Michelangelo andBotticelli, but there was not a single woman that can be named.

Men and the Inventions
The intelectual side of a woman was always underestimated. There would be no surprise then if we could not find inventions that were made by women. The eletricity, the telephone, the airplane: all of them were made or discovered by a man.
We can look at the age of enlightenment to verify how little...
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