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Nighingale (Pássaro)
Leave me to cry in peace... I’ve lost my song, I will be forever sad without it. This emblem on my chest is the mark of my lost song. My song was locked away... hidden as far as the moon... If I could only sing again.

Deixe-me a chorar em paz... Eu perdi a minha música, eu vou ser sempre triste sem ele. Este emblema no meu peito é a marca da minha cançãoperdida. Minha música foi trancada... Escondido até à lua... Se eu pudesse só cantar novamente.

Tokori (Coruja)
My mane is Tokori, I have lived in these Woods for so long that when I was a little owlet, the trees werw but gentle saplings.
I’ve seen strange things in the night sky. Use my potions wisely and you will be able to search the stars for clues.
Hoo Hooo who’s there?
Have you seen thestar sister statues? Folk lore tells that the reflection of stars in their pound has magical properties.
Come to think of it… those statues are even older than me!
I’ve never seen anything like you before!
Stillness all around a glimmer from above explosion!
Did you know there are ice caps on Mars? Maybe we can melt them and terraform Mars!!!
A pellet of Wisdom… There’s a nice aloe plant byyour hut. Aloe is very cleansing.
Please tell Mama Chicken I said Hello
Have you looked eye stormy introduction of Jupiter?
Welcome to the forest, my new friend.
Patience is a virtue.
Did you know Saturn’s magnificent rings are made from ice chunks?
These are the ancient Boomy Woods. Here, I search for rare ingredients to make my potions.
Don’t be afraid! I won’t eat you – you’d taste bad.Have you seen the rings of Uranus? Fascinating!
What about the bones on my door? I found them…
I’ve never made potions for aliens before!
No! Be careful! Star Quest potions are not for drinking!
Neptune? The coldest of the the planets, and riddled with hurricanes! Why no! I wouldn’t want to lie there!
An owl NEVER forgets!!! Or is it Elephants that never forget? … I don’t remember.
You saysquirrels grow on plants? How curious!
Solitude in an unknown land a friendly face appears Chicken Mama.
You seek wisdom from a wise owl? Make sure to only eat fresh sushi… rotten sushi will make you ill.
You say owls are bad luck? Owls bring good fortune!
Michelangelo once said, “Genius is eternal patience.”
There is a Factory recipe for a potion that I do not carry here… something you cancreate on your own. It’s made with the fruit of eggplant, a Renewal Potion (from Crebidab), and any other type of potion. But beware! The effects may be frightening!
Pssst… an old old friend once taught me a recipe that resurrects the fowl! I can only tell you this much though… You must find a lonely… broken… heart!
Pizzicato Island… a deceivingly beautiful place… beware little one…

PoçõesStar Quest: A shooting star once fell upon Boomy Woods. Tokori saved it and has now used it to make potions to help you explore the stars.
Collection Flask: A volumetric flask and funnel, prefect for colleting samples and ingredients.
Orange elixir: Tokoris’s little owls travel far to collect the nutritious and delicious citrus for this potion. How did he get an orange in a bottle!? High invitamin C – For colds and fevers. Match your sickness pattern to the color of the potions!
Milk Thistle: A plant extract that simply cures any aliment an alien might have.
Eyeberry Juice: A peculiar seasonal fruit that owls especially enjoy… Using Eyeberries, Tokori creates by greedy eyes. Be sure to clean up those Neapolitan turds! Match your sickness patterns to the color of the potions!
GoldenGinseng: This will heal any sickness, fill you up if hungry, and magically clean you if dirty. A one-stop fix for all your problems! This is no snake oil!
Youth Potion: When poured into a pool of water, this potion will transform into the Fortain of Youth! Bathe in these waters and you will grow younger! Now, is that pool?

Tokori (Coruja)
Meu nome é Tokori, eu tenho vivido nestes madeiras por...
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