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IMPORTANT DATES IN BRAZILIn Brazil, there are different festivities over the year. The New Year’s Eve is celebrated at the turn of the 1st of January. On the night of the 31st of December, people usually gather togetheralong Copacabana Beach to watch the firework display, famous all over the world. Around February or March, there is Carnival. On those days, people go out to the streets to parade and dance. Brassbands, cavaquinho players and percussionists play traditional songs in blocos carnavalescos, while people have enternainment with music, dancing and drinking. There is also a very famous competition amongSamba Schools at Sambódremo. There you find the official parade of Carnival in Rio with people exhibiting their masks and costumes along Sambódremo’s central pavement. Beija-flor, Mangueira, Unidos daTijuca, Portela are some of the very famous Samba Schools found in Rio.
Easter comes 45 days after Carnival. At Easter, you can eat a lot of chocolate eggs and celebrate Jesus Christ’sRessurection. Tiradentes’s Day on the 21st of April is also very famous in Brazil. On this date, we reverence this Brazilian martyr called Joaquim José da Silva Chavier (popularly known as Tiradentes), whofought against the tyrany of the Portuguese over Brazilian colonists in the 18th century. On the 12th of June, there is Valantine’s Day. By then, boyfriends and girlfriends exchange postcards, flowersand chocolate and declare their mutual love. In July, there are Julina Festivals with lots of hot dogs and caipirinhas. People put on old rural clothes and dance typical countryside music played withthe accordeon.
On the 7th of Septemper, it is the Brazilian Independence Day. On that day, military officers march in parades for local authorities and for the President in Brasília during...