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1- Is your browser running HTTP version 1.0 or 1.1? What version of HTTP is the
server running?

2- What languages (if any) does yourbrowser indicate that it can accept to the

3- What is the IP address of your computer? Of the gaia.cs.umass.edu server?

4- What is the status codereturned from the server to your browser?

5- When was the HTML file that you are retrieving last modified at the server?

6- How many bytes of content are beingreturned to your browser?

73 bytes

7- By inspecting the raw data in the packet content window, do you see any headers within the data that are not displayed in the packet-listing window? If so,name

Todos os dados foram mostrados na janela de listagem!

8- Inspect the contents of the first HTTP GET request from your browser to the
server. Do you see an “IF-MODIFIED-SINCE” linein the HTTP GET?

Não, IN-MODIFIED-SINCE não aparece!

9- Inspect the contents of the server response. Did the server explicitly return the
contents of the file? How can you tell?

Apareceuisso, Como resposta!

10- Now inspect the contents of the second HTTP GET request from your browser to the server. Do you see an “IF-MODIFIED-SINCE:” line in the HTTP GET? If
so,what information follows the “IF-MODIFIED-SINCE:” header?

11- What is the HTTP status code and phrase returned from the server in response to this second HTTP GET? Did the server explicitlyreturn the contents of the file? Explain.

12- How many HTTP GET request messages were sent by your browser?

Um (1)

13- How many data-containing TCP segments were needed to carrythe single HTTP response?

14- What is the status code and phrase associated with the response to the HTTP GET request?

15- Are there any HTTP status lines in the transmitted data...
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