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Chat Tab
Like a regular online chat room, the Chat tool lets you and the students in your course communicate with each other in real time. You can also use the chat tool to:
* View chat logs, which are archived chats from the course
* Create separate chat rooms for different purposes or groups
* Send private messages to an individual participant
* "Follow" one another to websites related to the course discussion
Participating in a Chat
Chat rooms allow you and your students to communicate in real time.

To participate in a chat room:
Step 1: | Click the Chat tool at the top of your screen. |
Step 2: | Click the chat room you'd like to participate in. The chat room opens. |
Step 3: | Enter your message in the text field at the bottom of the chat roomand click Send. Your text appears in the chat room. Note: You can also use the Enter key to "send" your messages to the chat room. |

To send a private chat message:
Step 1: | From within the chat room, double-click the name of the person you want to send a private message to. A small window appears. |
Step 2: | In the window, type the private message text. |
Step 3: | Click Submit.Your message will be seen only by the recipient to whom you sent the message. |

To add a link to a web site in the chat room:
Step 1: | Enter a URL in the field at the bottom left of the chat room and click Send. Your URL displays in the chat room. |
Step 2: | You (or anyone else) can now click the URL in the chat room to go directly to that site. When you click the URL in the chatroom, a separate window opens for the new site. |

Creating a new chat room
There is a main chat room for every course. As an instructor, you may want to create different chat rooms for different purposes or groups. You can also rename, edit, or delete an existing chat room.

To create a chat room:
Step 1: | Click the Chat tool at the top of your screen. |
Step 2: | Click Add New Room atthe top of the page. |
Step 3: | Enter a name for the room and a short description of what kind of discussion should take place in that room. |
Step 4: | Check the Create a private room box if you don't want a chat log created for the new chat room. By default, a chat log is created for every chat room. |
Step 5: | Determine who can access the new chat room by selecting an option fromthe Assigned To drop-down list. You can make the chat room available to all class members or to specific groups you've defined within the course. |
Step 6: | Click Create Room. |

To rename, edit, or delete a chat room:
Step 1: | Click the Chat tool at the top of your screen. |
Step 2: | Locate the Edit button beneath the chat room you want to rename, edit, or delete. |
Step 3:| Click Edit to rename the chat room or edit its description. Click Delete to delete the chat room. Note: You cannot delete the main chat room. |
Step 4: | Click Save Changes. |

Using Chat Logs
Chat sessions are automatically saved in chat logs, which you and your students can view, save, and print. Remember, however, that as an instructor, if you delete a chat room, the logs for thatroom are no longer available.
You may choose to share interesting chat logs with students by copying the logs into a MS Word document and attaching that document to an email message, or by posting it in the course.
To view a chat log:
Step 1: | Click the Chat course tool. |
Step 2: | Locate the specific chat room for which you'd like to view the log and click View Chat Logs to the right ofthe chat room name. A Chat Log Archive displays. |
Step 3: | Click a specific archive date to open the archive and see the chat log for that date. |

To print a chat log:
Step 1: | Make sure the text information you want to print is visible on your screen. |
Step 2: | Use the Print function on your browser to print the screen. |

To save a chat log:
Step 1: | Highlight the...
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