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PUC-Rio 2011_2 / Department of Letters – English 3

Professor: Adriana Nóbrega

Student: Bruno Augusto Borba da Silva

Date: 08/11/2011

The worst experience in my life

The life ishard for those who are weak. There are worse moments than happy moments. That’s what I think about the life. In fact, we live at a chaotic, random and bizarre universe. I’m sorry if you guess I am apessimist human when I wrote this, although I so far have been an honest and sincere guy about my thoughts. Then, I’m going to tell you the worst experience in my life. But, before this, pay attention,because this experience is just one of many bad things that ever happened to me.

Well, the worst experience in my life happened when I was 18. Here are the facts: I was living with my daddy,my stepmother, my aunt and my brother at an apartment in Copacabana. Suddenly, my stepmother heard my conversation with my mother on the cell phone when I was talking about my daddy who didn’t like togive me affection and I was sad about our relationship. After that, she told him I should leave of their house. Obviously my daddy wouldn’t like that happen at that time and he was trying to convinceher do not do this. But it happened and I left their house at the end of the 2005 when my daddy put me to live alone in a house close to him. After all of these things happen to me, I was depressedand I was trying to kill myself with antidepressants. Thank God that didn’t work. I remember I doubted of the existence of God and I was cursing God. I feel bad when I remember of that, then I havetried to forget that for my own good.

Therefore, I’m better now and I hope to be happy in my life. My daddy has changed his attitudes and he has tried to give me affection and love. I almostforget my daddy always has paid my bills and gave me money since I was born until the present day. Sometimes he cooks some meals to me at my home. I think this is beautiful because when everyone didn’t...
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