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Amostra do texto
* Spanish- espanhol
* Portuguese –portugues
* Maths – matematica
* Visual education- educaçao visual
* History- historia
* Geography- geografia
* Physical education- educação fisica
* Science-ciências
* Technological education – educação tecnologica
* Chemistry- fisico quimica
“How much you know about Great Britain”
*Foreign- estrangeira
* Amusing- divertido
* Skin –pele
* Mainly- principalmente
* Cosmopolitan- citadino
* Feel –sentir
* Although- embora
* Background- origens, antepassados
* Brought p.p-bring -trazer
* Own- proprias
* The largest- o maior
* Birthplace- terra natal
“Bully for you”
* To be banned – banir
* Role – regra
* Release – lançar
*Contents – conteudos

“Best inventions of past hundred years”
* Bar code – codigo de barras
* Coffee machine- maquina do café
* Camera- maquina fotografica
* Fan- ventoinha
* Microwaves – microondas
* Printer – impressora
* Watch – relogio
* Fridge – frigorifico

The importance of the English language
English is the main language used inscientific books, newspapers, academic conference...
Many web-surfers communicate in English.
English is the most spoken / popular language in the world.
Many companies in Europe communicate in English.
Many foxes and e-mails are written in English.
The English language is used in politics, pop music, films, computing, science, medicine…
The English language is required for many jobs.Composition
Computers and technology
I´m a student, and I love my computer and the technology. I spend my day in school so I just can stay with my computer at night.
During the day I “was connected” at technologies by my mobile phone I call “him” my best friend, he know everything about me. At night spend the time with my computer, downloading games, music, videos ,talking with my friends on chat. Igo everyday at facebook and youtube.
My history with my computer starting when I was 7 years, it was a gift of my parents. I love technology.

Advantages of mobile phone
In my opinion the most important advantage of mobile phone is that we can use everywhere or wherever we want. An additional advantage is it is easy and fast communication it´s small and we can tacked to everywhere.Disadvantages of mobile phone
In my opinion the main disadvantage of mobile phone is if we have no signal we can´t communicate. Another disadvantage is it need to be charged and not everyone can buy one because some of than are very expensive.

III- Grammar

Os verbos no simple present são utilizados para indicar uma acçãohabitual, que ocorre no momento em que é enunciada. Normalmente utiliza-secom os seguintes advérbios: usualy, generally, sometimes,always,never,often,everyday.
Affirmative: Sujeito + Infinitivo do verbo. Para he, she, it acrescenta-se –s ao verbo. 
I drink
He drinks.

Negative: Sujeito + Do+Not ( don´t) + Verbo principal no infinitivo. Para he, she, it usa-se does+not (doesn´t) + verboprincipal no infinitivo.
I do not drink = I don’t drink.
He does not drink = He doesn’t drink.

Interrogative: Do + Sujeito + Verbo no infinitivo. Para he, she,it usa-se does + verbo no infinitive.
Do I drink?
Does he drink?


O Present Continuous é um tempo verbal que mostra movimento, algo que está a acontecer. Uma acção que ocorre nomomento da construção da frase. Este tempo verbal indica a continuidade da ação.Geralmente utiliza-se com os seguintes advérbios: now, at this moment, at present,today…

Affirmative: Sujeito +verbo to be (am/are)+ verbo principal com o sufixo -ing. Para he, she, it usa-se verbo to be (is) + o verbo principal com o sufixo –ing.
I am working
He is working.
we are working

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