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  • Publicado : 30 de março de 2013
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Recently, a Six Sigma project that focused on the requirements needed to enable users to download engine calibration files through QuickServe Online (QSOL) was completed. As a result of this project,delivery of engine calibrations will be available over the internet for dealers, joint ventures and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) beginning in July 2011. One benefit of this delivery mediumis rapid calibration deployment, which improves customer uptime and enhances first-time fixes. Currently, calibrations are delivered via DVDs shipped to the dealer channel which increases deliverytime, especially in regions outside of North America. Delays in calibration delivery can prove extremely expensive for customers based on steady operation repairs and scheduled or unscheduled downtime.In addition, calibrations that deliver improvements in fuel economy provide a profound and tangible benefit to customers as fuel costs continue to rise. Therefore, rapid distribution of enginedurability calibrations results in improved total cost of ownership for customers and reduced warranty costs for Cummins. Beginning in July 2011, web calibration delivery is available for distributors,dealers, JVs, and OEMs and provides calibration files for all engine families. Please note, the download will provide the calibration file, but the user will need the calibration authorization password todownload the calibration on the ECM. To access this on QSOL, users need a valid INSITE Pro and active INCAL subscription. If the user discontinues the INCAL subscription, access to downloading thecalibration through QSOL will be removed.

Instructions for Download: A. Log in to https://quickserve.cummins.com/info/index.html as shown in Figure 1. B. Click on the service tab as shown in Figure 2.C. Go to the Calibration Downloads link as shown in Figure 3. D. When the download screen pops up: 1. Enter the ESN and ECM Code as shown in Figure 4. 2. Click the Download Zip File and the File...
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