Enetwork chapter 1 ccna 1 4.0 2012 100%

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ENetwork Chapter 1 CCNA 1 4.0 2012 100%
January 1, 2012 By HeiseR
Take Assessment – ENetwork Chapter 1 – CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals (Version 4.0) – Answers – 2011 – 2012
1. Which ofthe following descriptions are true regarding the management connections on a Cisco router? (Choose three.)
They are non-network connections.
They are used to connect the router to the rest of theproduction network.
They are synchronous serial ports.
They are used for initial router configuration.
They are asynchronous serial ports.
They are accessed using their assigned IP address.
2. Theconsole port can be used for which of the following? (Choose three.)
password recovery.
routing data between networks.
connecting one router to another.
3. Which ofthe following describes the function of a WAN?
connects peripherals in a single location.
connects multiple networks in a single building.
provides connectivity on a LAN.
provides connectivity overa large geographic area.
4. An internetwork must include which of the following? (Choose three.)
static addressing.
IETF standardization.
dynamic or static routing.
consistentend-to-end addressing.
5. ABC Company just purchased three new routers to start their company network. Which items are needed to establish a terminal session between a PC and the router for the initialconfiguration? (Choose three.)
straight-through cable.
terminal emulation software.
rollover cable.
RJ-45 to DB-9 connector.
V.35 cable.
6. Terminal emulation software, such as HyperTerminal, canbe used to configure a router. Which of the following HyperTerminal options shown in the graphic are correctly set to allow configuration of a Cisco router? (Choose three.)
bits per second.
stop bits.
flow control.
7. Which of the following devices are used in the construction of a WAN? (Choose three.)
communication servers.
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