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Product Data Sheet

375 Field Communicator

February 2009

375 Field Communicator

Universal – HART ® and


User upgradeable


Intrinsically safe


Rugged and reliable


Interfaces with AMS® Suite:
Intelligent Device Manager
Graphical interface

The 375 Field Communicator is designed to support all HART and FOUNDATION
fieldbusdevices from all vendors.

The 375 Field Communicator has
established itself as the standard
in handheld communicators.
HART users worldwide told us
how to make a better communicator.
Fieldbus users said they wanted
a portable, intrinsically safe
communicator that supported
all their fieldbus devices.

The result is the universal,
userupgradeable, intrinsically
safe, rugged and reliable
375 Field Communicator.

Product Data Sheet
February 2009

and product images are just a few
of the ways that important device
data can be displayed using the
Graphics Option.
The weight of the 375 Field
Communicator is evenly
distributed for comfortable
one-handed operation.
It Is Loaded!
The 375 Field Communicator
has plenty of memoryto allow
for future expansion. It has
32 MB of application memory,
and 1 GB of memory on its
System Card. The Configuration
Expansion Module holds
hundreds of device configurations,
and it is externally accessible.
The battery pack allows a full
recharge in 2 hours.

Designed not only for use on the bench, the 375 Field Communicator also
enables you to do those tasks that just have tobe done in the field.

Product Description
The 375 Field Communicator
includes features designed to
simplify your work in the field.
Use a single intuitive user interface
for both HART and FOUNDATION
fieldbus devices. The 375 Field
Communicator includes a larger
touch screen than PDAs or
Pocket PCs, HART Revision 6
and 7 (including WirelessHART™)
support, and the ability to upgradeonsite using the Internet.
See the Difference
The 375 Field Communicator
runs on Windows CE, a robust,
real-time operating system.

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The touch-screen display uses
transflective technology, making it
easy to read in both bright sunlight
and in normal lighting. To make sure
all conditions are covered, a multilevel backlight is included, allowing
the display to be viewed even inareas of your plant with dim light.
The touch-screen display and
large physical navigation buttons
allow efficient use both on the
bench and in the field.
The Graphics Option for the
375 Field Communicator uses
powerful EDDL technology that
allows you to read data from
field devices in a graphical
manner. Charts, graphs, gauges,

Easy Upgrade Keeps Your
Communicator Current
The 375Field Communicator is also
user upgradeable via the Internet.
It is no longer necessary to send
away to have new device drivers,
functionality, or licenses added to
your 375 Field Communicator.
New HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus
devices, as well as functional
updates to existing devices, are
introduced continually by device
vendors. Keeping up-to-date with
the required Device Descriptions(DDs) for all the devices in your
plant can be a real challenge.
fieldbus DDs become available,
simply download them from the
Internet and upgrade your
375 Field Communicator.

375 Field Communicator

The 375 Field Communicator, with its handy carrying case, provides a single tool
for configuring and diagnosing HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.Universal – HART and
The 375 Field Communicator
is designed to support all
HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus
devices. With access to new
device drivers over the Internet,
you are guaranteed universal
HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus
support in a single, intrinsically
safe handheld communicator.

Diagnose Network Problems
The 375 Field Communicator
can be used to configure all...
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