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The water goes through a long process to get quality in your home:
1- Captation:
raw wateris abstracted from rivers, lakes or wells. Is carried through pipelines, to treatment station.
2- Water treatment:
a) Coagulation: to enter in treatment station, raw water receives chemicalcoagulant agent, making the dirt particles up to group, forming small clots.
b) Flocculation: the water moves to the flocculation tanks, where is stirred. The clot, which has the ability toattract impurities in the water transformed into flakes.
c) Decantation: after passing through the water decanters goes to other tanks called flocculators. Where the flakes being heavier thanwater, settle to the bottom and the water is collected on the surface.
d) Filtration: after decanting the water passes through filters. The filters are composed of
layers of coal, sand andgravel of various thicknesses, for the removal of impurities or even microorganisms larger than the microorganisms have not been eliminated in the previous steps.
e) Disinfection: this stage thewater is already clean, however the chlorine has the power to disinfect and is added, eliminating harmful microorganisms to health.
f) Fluoridation: finishing treatment processes fluoride isadded in water, to act in the prevention of dental caries.
3- Reservation:
Water is stored in reservoirs.
4- Distribution: through the distributionnetwork to potable water is brought to the residences, industries, hospitals, etc.

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