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|The Dream (excerpt) |
|It chanced that in August, 1917,the work upon which I was then engaged obliged me to go from New York to Petrograd and I was instructed for safety’s sake to travel |
|by the way of Vladivostok. I landed there in themorning and passed an idle day as best I could. The trans-Siberian train was due to start, so far as I remember, at |
|about nine in the evening. I dined at the station restaurant bymyself. It was crowded and I shared a small table with a man whose appearance entertained me. He was |
|a Russian, a tall fellow, but amazingly stout, and he had so vast a paunch that hewas obliged to sit well away from the table. His hands, small for his size, were |
|buried in rolls of fat. His hair, long, dark and thin, was brushed carefully across his crown inorder to conceal his baldness, and his huge sallow face, with its |
|enormous double chin, clean-shaven, gave you an impression of indecent nakedness. His nose was small, a funny littlebutton upon that mass of flesh, and his black |
|shining eyes were small too. But he had a large, red and sensual mouth. He was dressed neatly enough in a black suit. It was not wornbut shabby; it looked as if it |
|had been neither pressed nor brushed since he had had it.|
|MAUGHAM, William Somerset. The dream. In: The complete short stories of Somerset Maugham. London: William Heinemann Ltd., 1955, v. II, p. 652-655. |
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