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Impact of rag picking on the life of children
Normally children work in one shift only, but some of them collect rag twice or three times in a day.Rag picking is one of the most dangerous and heartless activity in India because child rag pickers work in filthy environments without any protectionlike gloves or shoes under any weather conditions. They suffer from many diseases such as respiratory problems, worms, infections and other problems.They have nothing to eat unless the remaining food that is in the garbage bins or in the dirty ground which is used as a playing field, those placesare surrounded by dangerous garbage like syringes, used condoms and hospital wastes.
A large percentage of children are out of school even thoughthey have schools in their neighborhood. Instead of attending school, boys work in their parent’s business while girls take the householdresponsibility.

-79% of the children don’t attend to school because their parents and their boss aren’t interested in sending them to school. However, manychildren make a lot of money by rag picking and don’t see the reason to go to school.
-12% say that they are responsible for their family and haveto work.
- 5% children left school because they don’t found anything interesting in the school
and they feel that teachers are not teaching properlyand they can’t afford private
school fees.
- 4% of the children aren’t going to school because their school hours didn’t allow them
to go to work.
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