Densidade nutricional

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Nutrient Density


People not rare are increasingly concerned with their own physical, and some are
associated with that a good habit of feeding, physical exercise and relaxation are the
keys to maintaining a good physicist.
Truly, thefood is the basic source for the phys ical vigor and good nutrition, when well
analyzed before you ingest, are a good solution for our life. So, how to take care of
how much quantity of food or nutrients, must be necessary for us?
W e will begin by early age, how does the nutritional density when babies! Hence we
will follow during youth and up to old age. Types of nutrients and quantitiesbasic and
necessary for good nutrition, also will be highlighted here.

Protect the delicate teeth
W e may be surprised to learn that the process begins when we are still in the uterus probably even before our mother know she was pregnant! Therefore, it is important
that pregnant women consume a sufficient amount of nutrients, including calcium,
phosphorus, proteins and vitamins.
And as fornewborns? Experts say that babies take bottle are especially vulnerable to
tooth decay, starting in general with the front teeth of the upper arch. But as it
happens? It is common for the babies dealings in sleep while suck milk, juice, water
with sugar, or refrigerant. These liquids produtive contains carbohydrates that
contribute to the proliferation of bacteria which in turn produce acidsthat can damage
the teeth of babies - in particular if the acids are in con tact with the teeth during the
whole night. Some babies with caries in advanced stages have the premature loss of
teeth, which may adversely affect the development of permanent teeth .
Good nutrition can improve our health
Our body requires nutrients as 22 of the 103 chemical elements officially recognized.
Although itis impossible to fix the exact amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins
necessary individually, feed a well balanced will supply their needs. As I said one
expert: "The key to good nutrition and a varied diet that includes all type of nutrient."
W hat if the children do not like certain foods, such as vegetables to taste bitter?
According to one experienced cook, parents should serve as "alltypes of vegetabl es
are available in your region. Many adults do not eat vegetables because they were
not accustomed to this when they were children. Since the green vegetables provide
fiber and many of the vitamins that we need, and in general are not expensive,
parents should always make them available to their children." Thus, and good
learning new recipes for vegetables and fresh fruit,perhaps served in the form of a
delicious sufle or stew. The extent of the so -called empty calories, he suggests:
"Parents should not have sweets or chocolates at home, to not be on special
occasions. Not having [the children] do not eat."
W hile eating an adequate amount of good foods minimizes the danger of
malnutrition, we can create problems by eating too much. Excessive intake ofcalories in addition to the needs of the body can lead to obesity, which is related to
diabetes and heart problems. Since neither medicines nor physical activity can
replace the good habits of diet, a good suggestion is to reduce the consumption of
fat, sweet, salt and alcohol. Also, as some encyclopedia, "steps should be taken to
minimize hunger, loneliness, depression, boredom, anger andfatigue, each of which
can cause a access of essence."

Warnings of the body
Junk food, which emphasize the flavor, inst ead of nutrition, and are worried about too
much with the weight, not rare prevents the adolescents cannot ingest the correct
quantity of many nutrients, especially calcium and iron. The young people, whose
regular cycles of ovulation still are not well es tablished, often...
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