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The product Danoninho, is a popular dairy product made of a cheese, Petit Suisse, with fruit flavor, that is usually strawberry. Danoninho can be eaten asbreakfast, dessert or between meals, as a solution for hunger, being simoutaneously, tasty, sweet and nutritious.
The product priority is to be a healthy food in the mother’s vision, so Danoninho isconsisted of 6% of sugar, 40% of calcium and 30% of proteins that kids need to eat daily, and it is also recomended from Nutritionists and Pediatricians.
The danoninho’s strategy of nutritionalsuperiority, is the one called Solid Foundation, which means that the product provides a solid growth for the kid.
Danoninho’s packing has an attractive for the kids, which is Dino, the mascot and also anattractive for the mothers, that is the food pyramid, showing the concern od the company with a balanced diet for the children.
The main product, also have some other ideas that would potentialize thegood image of danoninho, that is the addition of fibers; lactobacilli that help the intestinal flora; an additional pack of cereal, that the kid could mix with the petit suisseto give more sustainance;and the last one, is a petit suisse that could stay more time out of the refrigerator without damaging.
Danoninho is a product that pleases both children and parents. The kids because of the sweettaste and the pink colour, and the parents because of the possibility of giving a candy to their kids that is at the same time, a nutritious food.

Danone is the largest company of dairy andfresh products worldwide, and in Brazil, has 32,3% on this market. Has 134 thousand points of sale, in a total of 300 thousand in the whole country.
The danoninho’s distribution can be considered asintensive, because of the facility on finding the main product, which is good, as the company is looking forward to mass comsumption.
The area in Brazil that has the biggest comsumption of...
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