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We believe that being Nice is the new Hype. And like our friends at TanQ, “Kindness is contagious.” We loved the concept and decided to do the same.

Every three months we partner with anon-profit organization to design a unique t-shirt to reflect the mission of that organization. They then sell those responsible t-shirts and donate 100% of the net profits to the underlying charity.

Wehope this humble act will travel like a wave, nudging people toward happiness and charity, and cause a ripple effect of kindness.

Our socially responsible t-shirts are the epitome of stylishcomfort. They are made from 100% organic brushed cotton, are form fitting and offer bold designs and thought-provoking messages to help spread the good word about the underlying charities we support.

Alltees are limited editions so once they’re gone, they’re gone. With the socially responsible t-shirts from Nicehype, not only do you get a cool looking, comfortable tee, you also get the opportunityto share with others this humble act.

We encourage you to support our project, wear a socially responsible t-shirt and be a positive change for good. Tell the world you contributed to an amazingcause that’s making a difference in the lives of the young folks down in Brazil. Spread the word, spread the love with socially responsible t-shirts from Nice.

We are a clothing companywith the desire to make an impact in the lives of the young folks in our local community. Rather than just donate money, however, we wanted to help in a more sustainable way.

Our shirts are made fromhigh quality, organic materials and provide the perfect opportunity for the wearer to both show their support for the underlying cause and to use them as conversation starters, to spread the wordand help Nicehype plant dreams of hope throughout the world.

We are also looking for partners to help carry out our mission of providing this organizations a chance to create their own sustainable...
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