Criando pendriver bootavel

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How To Make a Bootable USB
Trabalho da 2ª Etapa da Disciplina de Inglês, do Professor Teófilo.


Ivna Silvestre
Nykolas Mayko

Murillo Barata
Lucas Silva

Nowadays,having a bootable flash drive is almost
essential, especially if you’re a Netbook user. Not only it
makes the installation of an Operating System faster, but it
also saves a full DVD in it.
To doso, you only have to own:
 A PC/Notebook with Windows Vista or Seven installed;
 A 4Gb+ Flash Drive
How To Make A Bootable USB
English’s Assignment

First Step:
Erase all your data from theFlash Drive (you can do a backup
or something like it).

Second Step:
Open CMD as administrator. You can do that by searching in
the Start Button, typing cmd and hitting Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

HowTo Make A Bootable USB
English’s Assignment

Third Step:
When CMD opens, you first will type DISKPART, hit enter,
and then type LIST DISK, and hit enter again.

How To Make A Bootable USBEnglish’s Assignment

Fourth Step:
(Since my USB is the Disk 1, that’s the one I’m gonna use.)
Now you gonna write these few commands and hit enter
one by one:
FORMAT FS=NTFS (this one will take long)
How To Make A Bootable USB
English’s Assignment

(DON’T close cmd, just minimize it)
How To Make ABootable USB
English’s Assignment

Fifth Step:
(PS: If you want to install Windows on your netbook by using the Flash Drive, you gonna
have to own the DVD with the setup.)

Insert the WindowsDVD and note down the letter. Here’s
“D”, so that’s the one I’m gonna use.
Go back to CMD and write the following commands:
D:CD BOOT (where D is your optical driver. Press “enter”)
CD BOOT (andyou gonna see the following message…)
BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 H: (where “H” is your drive letter)

How To Make A Bootable USB
English’s Assignment

How To Make A Bootable USB
English’s Assignment...
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