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Define the Business:

The company is a wine producer and exporter. There are its own vineyards, wine producing and bottling facilities and also the most abundant proprietary wine distributionnetwork in Chile.
It cultivates over 21,538 acres (8,720 h ates, hectares) of the best wine in Chile. The variation of lands cultivating vineyards assures Concha y Toro the ability to guaranteethe highest-quality grape supplies for the production of its wines.
The business also counts with investments for the growth of its own production and innovation, to initiate new products , and themost recent technologies and production techniques for producing premium and super premium wines.
As well , Concha y Toro has a great distribution network that complements an an export strategybased on the market diversification and the often search for new ones.
The company follows a model with those aspects: strong distribution networl, exclusive focus on wine, investments thatsupport growth and innvovation, variation of market, global reach and leading position in key markets, a strong portfolio of wines across all market segmentes .

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Define mainobjectives :

Concha y Toro attempts to maintain an attractive growth rates and to accomplish an better ingress and visibility in the different markets. It wants to offer the highest quality ofwines at the competitive prices , and it elaborated a wide range of products with which to participate in all market segments.
To reach all those objectives , the company set the main goals :Scale of operation and cost structure, sustained investment over time, better rank of recognition to Concha y Toro brand and its quality of wine portfolio, revenue diversification, business area,international markets, subsidiaries, category products and brands , strength of its distribution network and opening of fully owned distribution subsidiaries in key markets.

Web. 25 Apr. 2010.
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